8 november 2010

Essence Metallics swatches

The new trend edition by Essence, Metallics, is out. There's something special for the nail polishes in this collection. Four of them have metallic parts in them and Essence also sells a small magnet in this collection. When you hold the magnet above a fresh polished nail, the metallic parts start to move and create stripes in the polish. This whole idea got me very excited about this collection, so I decided to buy all the polishes.

01 Iron Goddess, 02 Copper Rulez, 03 Steel Me, 04 Nothing Else Metals, 05 Metal Battle and the magnet.

Iron Goddess:


Iron Goddess is a brown with a silver shimmer in it. I only have on one coat! Overall this isn't a colour I like all that much. But I don't like most brown polishes in general. It gets light stripes when you use the magnet on this polish.

Copper Rulez:


Copper Rulez is a dark brown base with golden and orange shimmer. It looks a lot warmer than on this picture. This is also is an exception when it comes to me not liking brown nail polish. I think this one looks pretty, I don't love it, but it is pretty. This one gets light stripes with the magnet. Also just one coat.

Steel Me:


Steel Me is my favorite in this collection. It's a shimmery dark silver, I love it! It gets dark stripes when you use the magnet on this one. Again, one coat :)

Nothing Else Metals:


Nothing Else Metals is a bit gold and a bit green and very light. It had a silver shimmer, which is what showed mostly on my nails though the bottle looks very light green. It gets even lighter silver stripes when you use the magnet.
This one didn't apply that nicely, it got massive strikes. But it did fully cover after evening the strikes out.

Metal Battle:


Metal Battle is the only polish in this collection that isn't magnetic. It's a black polish with a blue shimmer in it. Something they seem to do in every Trend Edition.. But this also was just one thick coat. So all the polishes in this collection are very well pigmented, big plus ^^

The magnet really doesn't seem strong and big enough. Well, the entire thingy is big enough, but the magnet itself isn't. It's pretty long which annoyed me and I couldn't help touching my nails with it. So, need to find a better magnet..

This is done with the magnet, horizontal stripes over Steel Me.


The effect looks very subtle, but still pretty ^^ Overall I like this collection, except for the magnet. But I'll just try to find a better one. The magnet only costs €1,45 anyway.
The polishes in this collection cost €1,99 a bottle.

What do you think of this collection?

Thanks for reading! xx

2 reacties:

Anoniem zei

hmm ik vind dat effect eerlijk gezegd niet zo mooi.. het lijkt een beetje op wanneer je nagels slecht groeien, dan heb je ook van die streepjes op je nagels. Had er meer van verwacht!

Maud zei

Ja? Dat heb ik nog nooit gezien! Ik hoop wel dat er met andere magneetjes betere effecten te maken zijn, anders ben ik inderdaad ook wel teleurgesteld. Maar ik al gezien dat met sterkere magneten mooiere effecten te maken zijn ^^