18 november 2010

Catrice Glamourama En Vogue & Times Square After Midnight

Hey everyone,

This month Catrice came out with their new Limited Edition collection, called 'Glamourama'. This collection has four polishes.

04 Glamourista, 01 Mirror Mirror, 02 En Vogue and 03 Times Square After Midnight.

Well first of all, I didn't buy all of these. In the display Mirror Mirror looked like a pretty plain silver, nothing special. Glamourista also just didn't appeal to me that much. En Vogue and Time Square After Midnight however did, but well, gorgeous blues and purples.. what can you do.

Here is En Vogue:

In some lights it's almost black!

En Vogue is a beautiful deep blue with some with some lighter blue shimmer in it. It's gorgeous, but not that original. The applying was okay, I only needed one coat.

Times Square After Midnight:

Times Square After Midnight is a dark purple base with blue, purple, pink and golden glitter/shimmer in it. Of which I couldn't stop taking pics '^^ Like many camera's mine also has a problem with capturing purple colour accurate. The first picture and the left detail picture show the best what the purple base looks like, it's very dark!
I love this polish so much! It also needed just one coat, applied nice.. and those colours! So pretty!

Overall I'm really happy with these two! Times Square After Midnight was such a pleasant suprise! And it never hurts to have another pretty dark blue with blue shimmer in it.
These cost just €2,49.

I also bought 'Life is a stage' lipgloss of this collection, which I also really love. I think I'm starting to like this brand for more than just the Ultimate Nail Lacquers!

I'd also like to note that I've been messing around with my lay-out. I love the way it looks, but the comment link got all weird and I haven't figured out how to fix it. I also don't really have that much time the upcoming days.. But the comment link now is a tiny number above the post. How nice '^^

Thanks for reading everyone, have a nice day! xx

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Larissa zei

Ik hou echt van Catrice (:
Lekker goedkoop & mooi!

Bedankt voor het volgen!
Ik volg jou ook (: