11 november 2010

Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly, Run Forest Run & Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans

This month Catrice changed the face of their entire collection, they also came out with three new polishes in the Ultimate Nail Lacquer line.

Absolutely Chinchilly, Run Forest Run and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans.

I love the names of these polishes. And of course the colors as well. Especially Run Forest Run and HQWBJ (I'll keep using that abbreviation) were calling my name. So I got all three of them.

Absolutely Chinchilly:

Absolutely Chinchilly (..Essie?) is a light greige. It has a lot of pigment in it, I'm wearing one coat on the picture. It applied lovely.

Run Forest Run:

Run Forest Run is a deep forest green colour. I totally love it! It doesn't look like any green I already own. I fell in love with this one.. It applied lovely, just one coat ^^

Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans:

HQWBJ is dusty deep blue with subtle light blue glitters in it. A very pretty colour. Also an unique colour in my collection! This one also applied nicely and gave great coverage after one coat.
These cost €2,49 a polish.
Overall I'd say 'YAY' for Catrice! I also can't wait to try other stuff from their completely changed collection. And their new Limited Edition 'Glamourama' should be out as well with four new polishes. They got me curious about lots of things! ^^

Thanks for reading! xx

3 reacties:

Varnish Vixen zei

I love HQWBJ!! It looks like teal and dark blue had a love child. My favorite!

Tessa zei

die blue jeans kleur vind ik wel tof :d

Maud zei

@Varnish Vixen, ha that's a great description!

@Tessa, jaa ik ook ^^