7 oktober 2010

P2 Crackling top coats

Hello everyone,

I already mentioned that I've got the P2 Crackling top coats. I tried them yesterday, but the colour sheme I chose turned out to be rather disgusting. I wanted to do it again today with some different colors, but it's almost certain that there will be three Nfu Oh opals arriving in the mail today. Of course they get the privilege of getting on my nails right away and therefor I've done the Crackling top coats on a nailwheel.

But first the haul of th estuff I bought in DM (German drugstore).

The Crackling top coats 'Black Explosion' and 'Silver Blast'. Color Victim 'Lovely' and 'Dating Time'. And some stickers.

As I base for the crackling top coats I used two Essence Colour & Go polishes. The neon green is 'Check me Out' and the blue is 'Shocking Blue'.



You just apply your base colour over your entire nail. The same goes for the top coats, apply them all over your nails. They both look very sheer when you apply them, but this is fine. Don't try to even it out and don't add more coats. Just let the magic begin!



I'm not too fond about the way the cracks appeared in this one. But it's pretty amazing anyway. I wonder how they came up with this? I'd like to believe that this first came out as a production error of either a black or silver polish. How the people of P2 were all like 'how the fuck did that happen?' and then just decided there probably were people who would like it.
Well I certainly do!

Here's the 'Silver Blast' in proces. This one did get cracks in a prettier way.



These polishes really are something special! I hope P2 will make these in a few more colors. I'd definatly buy them. I know a look like this isn't everybody's cup of tea, but that's another thing I love about it. It's different, daring, lovely to watch the proces, in-your-face results and nothing to wear to some fancy job. Love it!

I got these at DM for €1,75 a polish, they contain 11ml.

Do you girls like crackling top coats?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! xx

4 reacties:

Glyn zei

Ik mis die van maybelline, die waren geniaal. :(
Ik kreeg er een van mijn moeder toen ik in groep 7 zat en zou stoppen met nagelbijten ^^'

Maud zei

Ik wist helemaal niet dat Maybeline ooit zoiets heeft gehad! Hihi, ik ben ook dankzij nagellak ervan af gekomen. Dat was een glow-in-the-dark (wat echt weer wil hebben nu!) ook ergens in de laatste jaren van de basisschool.

dieibol_666 zei

hi i am looking for this nail polish p2 crackling know where I can buy? I'm from Spain and can not find it here.
thank you very much!
sorry I'm using a translator.

Maud zei

I'm sorry but I don't know if this brand is sold in Spain. I buy P2 in Germany, but that's not so close to you..