3 oktober 2010

KOTD with For Audrey and my reorganized stash!

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I felt like doing a Konad mani. I really wanted to try the houndstooth pattern on imageplate M63. Even though a black-white combo would've given me the chance to match it with a pair of shoes, a bag, a coat, a scarf etc. I wanted to put it over China Glaze For Audrey. I absolutely love this colour.


This picture is pretty colour accurate, though it's taken with a flash. I'm getting used to China Glaze applying nicely and covering well. This light colour only needed two coats.
And here's with the Konad over it (this morning, better lights)


I like it :) Another thing I like is the new home of my stash! I used to keep my nailpolishes in a large shelf cabinet. This was fine for the times I owned about 50 polishes, they were spread over two shelves. But recently (also a little thanks to this blog) my stash has dubbled, and a little more. The deep shelves of my large cabin became fuller and fuller. The last few days I wasn't able to grab one standing in the back, without knocking everything else over.

Crappy old pics, but you get the idea.

So I was in need of a new way to store my stash. I'd rather die than putting them all in an ugly 'helmer' or other drawer cabins. I like my polishes, I think they're pretty and want to be able to see them almost all together.
I went to the Ikea to see what kind of stuff they had available which would be handy to put my polishes in or on. I ended up buying two medium sized (they had larger ones that were too large for my wall) shelves, actually painting holders. But I think they're perfect ^^ I also picked up a little shelf cabinet that I still had in my old room at my mom's house. I'm really happy with my little corner!

So here is my corner: my two shelves, polishes safe and secure under Tony Montana and my little shelf cabinet and a mess on my boyfriend's closet '^^

The next pics are clickable to enlarge them!

From the left to the right, top shelf:
GOSH, Rimmel, Bourjois, HEMA, 2b, Herôme, China Glaze, Artdeco, H&M, L'Oreal, Maybeline, 2true, DA and some treatments in the back.
Bottom shelf: Essence (a lot), Orly, O.P.I., Catrice, Sephora by O.P.I., KoH and Manhattan.

On my small shelf cabinet Eyeko and Nfu Oh have gotten their own special place ^^ In the bottom are some nail art pens/painters, stamping polish and image plates. In the tiny drawer other stuff for stamping.

My drawer, which still is pretty empty.. Some cotton pads, nail polish remover nails wheels, nail files, stickers, rhinestones and glitters, old polishes I can't throw out etc.

Reorganizing all this stuff was fun to do, I came across some things I forgot about, I counted my polishes and I love how it looks now ^^ Can you believe my boyfriend actually wanted to use one of the wall shelves to put his xbox games on? It would've looked so horrible!
Anyway, I'm still considering buying a third shelf. I know I'll need the space eventually..

How do you girls keep your stash stored?

Thanks for reading! xx

4 reacties:

Sylvia zei

Wat een ontzettende leuke Konadcreatie! En ik vind je stash helemaal geweldig, ziet er zo mooi en netjes uit! Ik bewaar al mn nagellak in een kastje die mn opa gemaakt heeft :p maar hij begint nu ook alweer vol te raken!

Maud zei

Ik vind het echt fijn om het eindelijk eens netjes te hebben :) ah da's wel leuk! Hmm ja is wel vooruit kijken hè, kopen op de groei :p

Glyn zei

ohh wat gaaf, die planken! Het staat echt super!!! Je zou eigenlijk binnenkort weer foto's van je huisje moeten posten op lj :O

Maar ik zou er nog geen plank bij kopen, tenzij hij ergens speciaal vandaan komt, maar ikea heeft die dingen altijd ^^

ik heb alles braaf in mijn rekje staan zoals je weet, maar ik moet wel een plekje vinden voor mijn konadspulletjes en andere nailart zooi...

als je ideeën hebt hoor ik het graag ;)

Maud zei

Dankje ^^ Ja dat ga ik binnenkort maar es doen denk ik.
Hmm dat is inderdaad waar, kan altijd nog!
Dat rek vind ik ook zo mooi! Maar ze zijn best duur en om er dan meteen twee te moeten kopen vind ik al helemaal te duur..

Konad zit ik ook een beetje mee, ik had wel ergens gelezen dat een meisje de imageplates in zo'n fotomapje bewaarde. Dat ga ik denk ik ook wel doen als ik er wat meer heb, zag heel handig uit!