19 oktober 2010

Haul from Helsinki!

Hey everybody!

I've been away a few days, me and my boyfriend went on a citytrip to Helsinki (the capital of Finland) for four days ^^ It was veryyy last-minute. I had a great time. And of course I had to buy some nail polish! Helsinki had an awesome variation in nail supply. Many brands such as Orly, Models Own, Konad etc were available in the huge warehouses. It was lovely seeing all those things I always have order in real life. But it's an extremely expensive city (country I guess), Orly and O.P.I. cost €19,95 a bottle, Konad plates were €8, so I didn't buy that much. Here's my haul:


Three polishes of Orly's Cosmic FX collection: Lunar Eclipse, Halleys Comet and Out of this World.

A brand I didn't own before, Wild and Crazy. Lemon and Lollipop. I'm having the hardest time understanding how gold and lollipops go together..

Three lonely ones: O.P.I. Jade is the New Black, GOSH Bright Passion and Models Own Bubblegum.


Some nail stickers, mainly because of the ones on the lighest paper that look like the Ed Hardy design and the roses on the paper above it (not that visible). And the Konad image plate M60!

If there's one thing I LOVE besides nail polish, it's travelling! I'm a girl that easily obsesses over stuff that starts fascinating me, fortunately I'm not easily fascinated! But also travelling has gotten to me, just like nail polish. In the past months my polish collection grew from 40-something to a 144 polishes today. The same thing happened with travelling (slower though, this hobby is pricier and takes up more time). A year back I had visited about 15 countries in western and southern Europe, now I've been in 20 countries in three continents. I'd actually like to blog about travelling as well. But this is my nail blog, so onto nails, my vacation nails!

Before we left I made a tux-design on my ringfinger and the other nails matte black. I didn't lost the bow as I actually expected!

And here are two holidays pictures


I can't wait to swatch all the polishes I bought. But it's dark and rainy outside.. welcome back home in Holland -_- So the light isn't gonna be right for swatching I guess.
I'm going to buy a third shelf for my polish collection today, with the new additions it isn't possible to store them out nicely over the two shelves without it looking overcrowded.

Thanks for reading everyone! xxx

2 reacties:

Varnish Vixen zei

Wow OPI and Orly are pretty expensive in Helenski! I am going to Japan in a month...can't wait to see what kind of nail goodies I can find there!

I LOVE the tux manicure...so incredibly cute...I need to branch out and try some nail designs...I guess that's be my next endeavor!

Also, you guys are an incredibly cute couple!!!!

Maud zei

Yes indeed, they're crazy! Oh I'm jealous, I wanna go to Japan so bad. But that's even more expensive. I also think they'll have awesome nail stuff ^^ Have fun!

Thanks, I'm pretty glad with how it came out, though it could still be a bit more perfect.. I'm curious to see how it turns out.
Aww thank you!