24 oktober 2010

Essence Nailart Twins swatches

Hey everyone,

Most of you probably know the Essence Nailart Twins polishes. Four combinations of two polishes, one colour and one glitter topper. The polishes have pretty cool names of famous couples/partners. Here's all of them.


Thelma & Louise

Two coats of Thelma

And with one coat of Louise

Thelma is a dark purple creme. Almost black it some lights. Kinda dull actually, but with Louise over it it looks almost cosmic. She contains little purple glitters with some larger purple-red square glitters. I love the combo of these two!

Romeo & Julia

Two coats of Romeo..

..and joined by Julia

Romeo is a silver metallic polish, it applies okay, a bit streaky though. Together with Julia it's a very festive mani. Her glitters contain all the colors of the rainbow!

Bonnie & Clyde

Two coats of Bonnie

And with one coat of Clyde

Bonnie is a lovely blue creme, I actually like her on her own. She applied lovely. Clyde is a bit boring to me, he contains some small blue glitters but the larger ones are just plain silver. They still look hot together though.

Mr. Big & Carrie

Two coats of Mr Big being lonely..

..and with Carrie's company

Mr Big is a pink berry creme. Applied really well. Carrie is deep red berry-like glitter. I think they look like berries together!
The Nailart Twins can also be bought sperate, one bottle costs €1,79.
I really like this small collection of twins. They are quite a hell to get off, but having such cheerful nails for a few days makes up for that. And if I'm supposed to believe the internet, there's another couple out there! Joe & Victory:


Don't they look lovely? I will definately hop over the border after school to check if Germany has got them! I recently found out there's a DM Store (German drugstore) just a five minute drive from my school! Really excited about that, I just hope I won't be there after every day of college. But today I will be! I can't wait till it's 3pm, just 7-something more hours ^^

Do you have favorite couple of these Nailart Twins?
So far mine are Thelma & Louise together. But Joe & Victory look veryyy promising!

Thanks for reading! xxx

2 reacties:

Samantha zei

those are really pretty pairs! thelma and louise are my favorite too but Juliet is very pretty as well.

Maud zei

Love Romeo & Juliet as well! I acutally bought Thelma & Louise later on, they didn't look that exciting in their bottles. Really gald I got them!