4 oktober 2010

China Glaze Raspberry Festival and excited rambling

Just a quick post to show my nails of the day and to let out my excitement.
Here is Raspberry Festivsal!


Raspberry Festival belongs to the China Glaze Summer Days collection. And it does give me a little bit of the summer feeling. It's shimmery glitter cheers me up! This also makes it stand out in the crowd of my red polishes. I'm a sucker for red nails, this one is definatly in my top 3 of red polishes.

But anyway, *excitement!*, I was just browsing through nail blogs and again I came across crackled/grafitti nailpolish. I immediatly thought of my last failed search for them in Germany. But considering that I'm giving myself a day off to study (I guess I'll study tonight then), I might as well go again today. I just figured out a few DM store locations that should sell P2, which should have the crackling polishes in their displays. I hope so!
Now I'm gonna wake up the boyfriend and tell him the happy news ^^ He'll be frustrated, I just know it! Not getting why I have to leave the country to buy polish. It's only ten minute drive though. We're going anyway!

Thanks for reading! xx

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