19 september 2010

Ruffian nails

Hey everyone,
I know this isn't even close to a new thing. But I just discovered 'ruffian nails' or the reversed moon mani last night. It also made me think of a reversed Fench mani, I liked it a lot and was very excited about trying it.


I did this one with China Glaze Sci-Fi and Manhattan 1010N(black). Even though I wasn't a talent with the applying, I still like the result. I'm also very inspired by all the more colorful designs I saw on several blogs. I'm gonna be doing this look a lot, cause I like it, like A LOT :)



The angle in the last picture shows the idea of the half moon, I love it!
Do you guys like Ruffian mani's?

Thanks for reading! xx

2 reacties:

Glyn zei

Wat netjes gelakt! Dat krijg ik nou nooit voor elkaar hahaha ^^

Erg mooi!! :O

Maud zei

Dankje ^^ nouu, ik moet me er wel heel goed op concentreren. Eerst deed ik überhaupt nooit de moeite ervoor om het netjes te krijgen, maar op al die foto's zie je 't zo goed :p