20 september 2010

Maybeline Express Finish Diamonds - Flash Cosmic

Hello everyone!
I changed the look of my blog, what do you guys think?

Today I went to Germany for some cheap grocery shopping, well.. that was what I told my boyfriend what we were going for. Instead of groceries, I had polish on my mind. I've read a lot about P2 Crackling topcoats *want!!* But I didn't find them.. mostly because my boyfriend refused to stop nearby a drugstore and just drove to 'Kaufland'. *Sigh* I really want them and I can't stand the fact that I'll probably be driving to Germany again tomorrow, on my own though, with no one to decide if and how long I'm looking for polishes!

They did have some make up in the supermarket, but nothing they don't sell in the Netherlands. The only thing that cheered up me were the prices. I bought one Maybeline polish for €3! Even though I own a few, I don't know what they cost here, but definatly over €5.

Enough blethering, onto the polish:

Crappy pic, my camera batteries were dead before I took a picture of the bottle..

It's the colors in the bottle which I fell in love with, which aren't showing in the picture I found on Google. It's a transparent jelly with flakes! Ever since discovering Nfu Oh I have a weakness for flakies. The flakes are blue, purple, silver and gold. Might even be more in there, I'm still in doubt wheter or not I'm spotting some teal and green flakes in it. Lalalalooove it!


The flakies that pop out the most depends on what colour you put them on. You can also see it on the brush as well in the next pictures. The blue/purple/green shows better on dark colors and the gold and silver on lighter colors or without any base colour at all.

Over DA's (Dutch drugstore) Nylon Nailcolour #016 and Manhattan's 1010N


Isn't it pretty? I love the effect!
The formula could've been a lot better though, or maybe that's just what I expect of a polish that costs more than €5 here.. It's thick, like reallyreally thick! And I do not have any thinner yet (ordered it today though :)).
The thickness made appyling it a bit difficult, it needed three coats to get the right amount of flakies on.

Do you like this Maybeline jelly with flakes?

I actually wanna put it on right now! But I won't.. cause before buying it I gave my ruffian mani a matte finish, I love it even more this way!


Well, I guess I won't be putting it on tomorrow either. Cause there's a big chance that my order will come in! I ordered the China Glaze Fight Like a Woman collection! I'm so excited! *Pinks! ^^* Ah so much polish, so little time..
If those arrive tomorrow, on a decent time that is, there will be swatches tomorrow!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Arca do Esmalte zei

I loved your blog and this ruffian style, very beautiful!
I'm following you.
Debora - arcadoesmalte.blogspot.com

Glyn zei

Oooooooh je lay-out is echt te schattig voor woorden!!!

Maud zei

@Arca do Esmalte, thank you<3
I'm gonna check out yours!

Maud zei

@Glynis dankjee!