28 september 2010

Herôme W.I.C. Amsterdam and Toronto, plus a lace-nails attempt

Hello everyone,
Today I'd like to show some Herôme polishes of the World Inspired Colours collection. It's a very large collection with over a hunderd polishes, all with names of famous cities around the world.
There was a great offer at Douglas last weekend, where you could get your nails done for free, advice for free (yadayada) and one W.I.C. polish for free! And instead of just getting one (as I expected) I got to choose one! I picked the colour that spoke to me the most, which turned out to be Toronto!



This is a lovely green-grey with a foil'ish finish. It applied well and I only needed two coats. I really like this colour, even though it doesn't look like the colour in the bottle, which looks a lot darker.

With this free one I also got a flyer of all the polishes in the W.I.C. collection, that made some nice eyecandy for the evening. First I wanted every polish in which name I've been, but I quicky noticed I'd end up with way too many!
I decided I needed the polish Amsterdam, cause it's the capital of my country. So the next day I left the store with that one. Rome and Melbourne came along :)


Amsterdam is a lovely creme red. Two coats in the pic. Of course inspired on our famous Red Light District. I'm always in for a gorgeous red, this one isn't like any other red polishes I own, it's brighter and vivid, without looking too pink. And it's so shiny! ^^

In The Netherlands the W.I.C. collection is available at Douglas for €6,95 a polish.

I wanted to try the baroque-like pattern on the Konad plate M71. For that I used the light gold polish Melbourne (also W.I.C. - I'll do a full nail swatch soon!).


Please ignore the fugly cotton bits on my nails. I did like this look, it's quite subtle, but obviously there. But I got it off after one day cause I also wanted to try the lace-like pattern right next to it on the M71 plate.


I used the black Konad stamping polish over Eyeko's Nude polish. The red is Amsterdam and the leaves are Catrice Sold Out Forever and Essence Crazy Me.
It's a bit messy, but that's okay, it means that I'll be doing my nails again this evening!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

3 reacties:

Hands On Colour zei

I love the lace Konad. I need to practice Konading, haven't got it perfect yet but I think it looks great when done right. You made me want to try it again.

Thanks for following my blog, I am now following you as well. :)

Sylvia zei

Wat een chique konadprintjes! Leuk!

Maud zei

@ Hands on Colour, me too, cause all the black roses really were put over the smudged area's.
Welcome ^^ & thanks!

@ Sylvia, dankjewel :)