24 september 2010


Hey there!
Just a quick post to show you guys what I bought and what the mailman had for me yesterday.

For Dutch (maybe also from Belgium, dunno) people:
Bij de DA is vandaag en morgen nog 'Zakken vullen'. 20% korting op alles wat je in zo'n zak krijgt gepropt! Ik ga straks na school eens kijken hoeveel lakjes ik in zo'n zak krijg ^^

Yesterdays haul:


The polishes left to right: Essence Demin Wanted 'My Boyfriends Jeans', GOSH 'Nero', Essence Twins 'Mr Big and Carrie' and 'Bonnie and Clyde' (those names<3), 2b '224', Catrice 'Big Spender Wanted' and 'Clay-ton My Hero'.
Some make-up sponges and from Essence: nail polish corrector pen, glitter mixes, nail art stylist pen, studio nail stickers and some other cute stickers.

Here's what the mailman brought me:


China Glaze: For Audrey, Heli-Yum and Raspberry Festival, Orly Space Cadet and the Konad plates M77, M73 and M71.

Thanks for reading! xx

2 reacties:

Glyn zei

Ik wil ooook!!

Gelukkig straks stufi ^_^

Maud zei

Haha ik ga dadelijk ook m'n stufi besteden in de DA, es kijken of ze hier in het dorp OPI verkopen!