17 september 2010

Eyeko All the Pinks swatches

Hey everyone,
First *three followers* yay! I'm happy ^^

Cosmic Polish, Indigo Polish, Rain Polish, Vintage Polish, Lilac Polish, Petite Polish, Nude Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Chi Chi Polish, Punk Polish.

Yesterday my Eyeko order came in. One week after ordering, I wasn't expecting it yet, so that just made the joy en excitement worse.
I ordered it on Eyeko.com, two sets and one single polish. They sell lots of different combinations, the sets are also a bit cheaper than the same polishes together on their own.
I've got All the Pinks and Cult classics. And rain polish :)

I already tried lots of them! So here's All the Pinks and Rain polish.

In All the Pinks came Petite Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Chi Chi Polish and Punk Polish.

Petite Polish

First of all, the weather wasn't great for swatching. It was clouded and rainy..
I expected Petite polish to be a very light pink. Well it is, but this is one of those polishes that will never give full coverage. That's not really my thing. Also, my nails are too ugly for this. They need more coverage to hide the ugly yellow ends.
Besides that, it applied nice and because I didn't have a colour like this, I'm glad I got it. Oh and I love the bottle with the Eiffeltower on it!
'For French nails' well I suppose.. with a white tip, might be perfect for a French mani.

Tea Rose Polish

I think this one looks pretty vintage, or maybe that's just cause the bottle looks a bit vintage. I like this vintage looking pink. Applying went so easy and it's so shiny!
'For Country nails', cause of that name it makes me think of Little House on the Prairie! And the whole ranch-life.

Chi Chi Polish
This one also came with All the Pinks, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I'm not a fan of 'just glitters'. Without a base that is, like in this picture. The applying was a bit messy, I'm not used to working with glitters.
I think I'm gonna try this one with a colour as base soon. Looooky at the poodle!! The bottle.. it's so cute.
'For Girlie nails', oh yeah ^^

Punk Polish

This picture was the best I got with the crappy weather. And it ain't doin' justice to this polish at all! It's so bright, I guess my camera got scared or something.. I really want the sun to shine to see what it's like in bright light! It got a few strokes in it while applying, but nothing major. I looove this color! The brightest pink I own.
'For Neon nails', not sure. I don't own that many neons, atleast no pink ones yet. I have nothing to compare it to, but it sure is bright!
Thanks for reading! xxx

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Varnish Vixen zei

I really like Tea Rose. It looks a bit like Rescue Beauty Lounge's Om...but cheaper!

Maud zei

Cheaper is nice ^^ I like it a lot too, the bottle does a lot too though :p