10 september 2010

Comparing matte topcoats and NOTD Nfu Oh #65

Hey everyone,
Today I went to the Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore) in my town, it's not a big one and they don't sell as much make-up brands as most do. But they do sell Essence, I've looked there a million times to see if they had their matt topcoat I saw on Essence's website. And today they finally had it!
I really wanted it to compare it with my other matt topcoats, the famous China Glaze Matte Magic and Artdeco's Mat Effect. I'm quite satisfied with both of them. But they both weren't that easy to get, living in the Netherlands that is, I ordered Matte Magic online and bought Mat Effect in Germany. So I wanted to know if this 'easier to buy and nicer for your wallet' topcoat is just as good.

All applied on one coat of Manhatten 1010N (black)

With all matte topcoats you have to be a bit quick with applying. This wasn't a problem with Matte Magic, it went on very smooth and started turning matte after I did an entire nail. It is kinda like magic to look at ^^
Mat Effect dries a lot quicker, if it starts turning matte while your not finished with that nail yet, it gets stripey.
When I took pictures of these two on my nailwheel I noticed that Mat Effect turns black a bit grey. Then I took a picture with flash by accident, I noticed all of the colors done with Mat Effect still had a little shine, while Matte Magic made every color completely matte.

Applied on one coat of Manhatten 1010N(black), two coats of Artdeco #88 and one coat of Nfu Oh #107.

Today I added a black nail next to the ones I did with Matte Magic and Mat Effect, to try Essence Matt topcoat on. I'm wondering if the problem has to do with my application skills or with the quality of the polish. I got a lot of stripes during applying, I tried to get rid of them, it turned too thick but it looked completely covered. Wrong, dried up it still showed many stripes and I was really dissapointed with this topcoat. The picture says it all..


China Glaze Matte Magic is absolutely the best one I own. It makes it's name true, applies nice and makes any color really matte. It costs €5,50/$7

Artdeco Mat Effect works nice and sure turns colors a bit matte, but it also changes black into an almost purple-ish darkgrey. I would've never said 'a bit matte' if I didn't compare it with Matte Magic, but it still lets some shine through, which isn't a matte thing to do, is it? It costs €7,50/$9,50

Essence Matte topcoat is the worst I own, it does make colors matte and takes away more shine than Mat Effect. But those stripes.. suck. It costs €1,95/$2,50

Today I wore Nfu Oh #65 It is a light blue hologram polish, in which I've spotted gold, pink, blue and green. And what a holo it is! I've got just one coat on in the pictures.
All those colors are so lovely. I just can't stop looking at my nails, constandly changing the angle a bit to see the colors sliding over my nails ^^ I love it sooo much!


In the sunlight


This one is very color accurate, it perfectly shows the lightblue base with gold, pink, green and darker blue 'strokes' of color in it.

Thanks for reading!

4 reacties:

Glyn zei

Flauw hoor, die Essence topcoat.. Ik had heel Nederland afgezocht naar de Hema versie :P Die is trouwens wel een stuk beter dan die van Essence :O

Ik wil ook Nfu oh! :P Al is het maar voor het potje :P

Glyn zei

En natuuurlijk, GEFELICITEERD met je verjaardag!!!! (grappig dat ik je nog nooit irl gezien heb maar na 6 jaar op livejournal wel je verjaardag onthoud!)

Maud zei

Dankjewel! ^^ Haha ja inderdaad, jee zes jaar is ook al best lang hè!

Die van de Hema zou ik ook nog wel willen proberen. Ik heb gister nog een matte topcoat van Koh gekocht, dus dit is alweer incompleet eigenlijk :p

Glyn zei

Inderdaad, ik heb soms echt het idee dat ik je "echt" ken na 6 jaar je gevoelens en avonturen gelezen te hebben.. Terwijl ik je nog nooit heb gezien, gek idee eigenlijk he?